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zaterdag 6 februari 2016

sixes and sevens - drawing challenge 187

This week's dc theme: "At sixes and sevens"... I've played
with the numbers, not in utter chaos:), just to get a firm grip...

To see more sixes and sevens, please visit Nadine's site here
She's the host this week.

15 opmerkingen:

♥ tinyWOOLF ♥ zei

thank you, eric, for playing so very much to the number. so wonderful you created especially for sixes and sevens... ! they are truly original works. n♥

Sharmon Davidson zei

Very nice interpretation! I like the top one especially, the interplay of repeated shapes.

Tammie Lee zei

these are a joy to look at.
i like that you wrote: so what
i interpret that as: all is chaos or disarray, so what
that makes me smile.
is that how you meant it?

Carole Reid zei

Your work, as always, done with class, Eric.

tanïa zei

Love that! Reminds me of building plans. Your artwork is so special and so you. Always recognizable!


@Tammie:You're in the right direction:). Six and seven have the same shape but one is upside down compared to the other. They meet and one says to the other:"I'm upside down, so what..."

Barbara Böttcher zei

I like your number play with this awesome grid background and a cool mix of chaos and calmness.
barbara bee

Patrice A. zei

de boten (!!)
de kleuren
de nummers
collage, handschrift
.... zucht...
gewoon alles


Julia - Vintage with Laces zei

They are fabulous, Eric! I love all three.

Ariane Reichardt zei

Dear Eric,
Nice play with numbers.
– Ariane

Norma Conway zei

Oh yeah this is beautiful. Oh yeah. I WANT IT. This piece. Isn't that funny? That was my immediate feeling upon first sight. It's fabulous to the 9th degree (a bit higher than 6s and 7ns by the way)! Love this Eric!!! Brava! (*hands clapping while dancing the tango or fandango, I forget doesn't matter)

Veronica Roth zei

I love that! When I'm next at sixes and sevens I'll just say, "get a grip girl!" :D

mano zei

sixes and sevens in top condition!!
:-) mano

Lucia Henke zei

This is Art plus the Beauty of a technical Drawing. Love it.

annton beate Schmidt zei

I am always amazed by your approaches toward a new theme. these pieces are especially cool.

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