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zaterdag 30 augustus 2014

drawing challenge - japan - balance and harmony





Thinking about this week's dc theme on "Japan", for some reason these pieces passed my mind.
Maybe because of the colors or the subject...
Not sure if they are japanese and not previously exhibited, so you've the scoop:)
They´re about balance and harmony and I've made them in 2005, collage, print and paint, +/- 20 x 30 cm.
To see more on the theme Japan, please visit Nadine's blog woolfenbell

20 opmerkingen:

Sue Marrazzo zei

Love the bold Red!!!!

Veronica Roth zei

That's really lovely Eric. I can definitely see the harmony in these pieces. I especially like the top row on the right. That image really speaks to me. :D Hope your weekend is shaping up to be a lovely and productive one.

Jo Murray zei

Ooooooer....these pieces are just gorgeous. Definitely a Japanese feel there...and such wonderful marks.

AvdW zei

dit vind ik prachtig!!!!

ruma zei


Grande Idée et le concept.

du Japon, ruma❃

♥ tinyWOOLF ♥ zei

why, yes!
they remind me of the group japan.
thxs for playing, n♥

roberto M. zei

Only to talk about balance and harmony, leads me to think in Japan.
Good work done.

Miss Herzfrisch zei

I really like the colour combination...perfekt Japanese for me.
♥ Sabine

Tammie Lee zei

something about them makes me think of cloth, Japanese cloth
they are wonderful
and i am enjoying my aqua piece by you ~

Patrice A. zei

and harmony
the black and white
the bold red
that's japan

Stefanie Seltner zei

a beautiful series! Good choice!
black white and red im my mind, too, thinking of Japan, though I´ve never been there.
And by the way, thank you again for the collage with Ghandi, much appreciated!
x Stefanie

Kristen Donegan zei

Love these - so graphic and the black and white and red combo is always appealing to me! reminds me of fabric or wood blocks- really nice Eric!

Leena zei

That is balance and harmony, perfect for the theme! I like your strong expression and vivid textures:) Leena

Barbara Böttcher zei

The colors are definitely evoking japanese ideas and for me as well the ones with the half moon and the cresent-shaped line!
barbara bee

tanïa zei

Truely japanese associations...the colours and textures tell the story. I love the first two and the last one right most. Especially the last one reminds me of a kimono detail, some folded fabric.

joanne zei

Your work does evoke associations and thoughts of Japan.
The Half-Sun on a white square, the architecture, line and space.
I like the collection very much!

jgy zei

Great Harmony in Black White and Red!
I see the Japanese 和 (Harmony) in the composition, one almost looks like the character a little!!
Also I think its very Japanese in that Japan too is always changing and not something fixed, as your works have a lot of movement and change as well. It was fun to play in this weeks DC challenge, and to meet so many creative spirits and see the variety in the theme!!

Susi-Art zei

Love the balance with the red and the rest! Great collage's!!

Tomoko zei

I think I discover something meaningful of Japan.
Happy day!

JackieP Neal zei

Beautiful series! Your marks are fantastic!

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