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zaterdag 30 januari 2016

Shinrin Yoku - drawing challenge 186

Treetops,  photographed during a holiday in the South of France in 2010.

I  visited there "La Bambouserie", a botanic garden in the Cevennes, South of France, 
It has a forest of giant bamboo and a Japanese-inspired garden, based on the principles of Feng Shui. 

Below some images of the garden. You can find it here:

In the shop I discovered the inspiring book "Écorces" (Bark) by Cédric Pollet.


"This work is the culmination of ten years of photography, in nearly twenty-five destinations, tracking down the most fascinating bark on the globe. From his numerous botanical expeditions, Cédric Pollet brings back unique shots where graphics and colors intermingle without limit".

Below some images from the book.

To see more "Shinrin-yoku", also known as "forest bathing", please visit
the site of Veronica here
She's the host this week for the weekly drawing challenge.

12 opmerkingen:


A wonderful compilation of this mighty tree tops - great photos!
If you look from afar to your patchwork picture, the trees cannot be realized at once... at the first glance I see the brown structures of the tribes in green. I love such nature-photos!

Caterina Giglio zei

oh my, oh my, I cannot stop... my mouth is hanging open... amazing

Tammie Lee zei

such wonderful photos
i love the ones of the bamboo
this book looks full of magic glimpses

Ariane Reichardt zei

Dear Eric,
I feel really tiny looking at that (perspective of that) wood of bamboo (and even your 9 treetops). We are all nature, but humans are just a part of it.
- Ariane. Rose.

Carole Reid zei

Thank you Eric for posting these photos of all sorts of forests. Such variety. Our earth is a marvellous place.
Until next week.

Patrice A. zei

heerlijk al dat groen
zal de link doorsturen naar mijn vader
die opgroeide in een bos
en graag werkt met hout ;^))

Patrice A.

Veronica Roth zei

Oh those trees! I love them all. Especially the ones I cannot go see in my neck of the woods (pardon the pun), like the giant bamboo. How wonderful will that be for Chloe when she sees it in Japan. :D

♥ tinyWOOLF ♥ zei

what delightful links you are putting up, eric! thank you. fancy bark-around-the-globe, it is very interesting!!
i like your own composition too, the green intermixed with the dark bark and the lines.... i see ironwork in it, it takes up my fancy, alot!

♥ tinyWOOLF ♥ zei

oh yes. i do forget : if you feel like playing along, check out here and see you over the weekend! n♥

Sharmon Davidson zei

Eric, I love the qualities of rhythm and pattern in your tree photos. The top grid of tree branches is wonderful, as are the fantastic bamboo photos. Also thanks for sharing the samples from the"Ecorces"!

roberto M. zei

Beautiful pics! when i see all this photos, I have an impulse to walk by the fores with my camera!

Stefanie Seltner zei

wonderful tree pictures, love the bamboo, must be a good place there for a bath!
x Stefanie

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