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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

ode to blue part IV

Release of 1001 blue balloons, "aerostatic sculpture" by Yves Klein. Reconstruction was held in 2007 in Paris, Centre  Georges-Pompidou Paris, in celebration of the fiftieth anniversary of the event held by Klein in 1957

By RiverRatt3 on flickr

Hooked on a blue sky

Hey you with the pretty face,
Welcome to the human race
A celebration Mr. Blue Sky's
Up there waitin' and today
Is the day we've waited for

Electric Light orchestra

Caherine Woo, Blue Sy Project, 2007.
Naaoe Suzuki, Blue Falls, installation, 2012.


Anna Hepler, The Great Haul, salvaged plastic, 2010

Heike Weber, Pelikan, 1997, ink and ink-eraser on plaster, installation.

Kelly chacht, Ancient Blue Skies, installation, 2010.


For the exhibition "De nacht ruikt anders" - "Nights smell different", 2012 Utrecht, The Netherlands, Esther Hoogendijk created a wall painting titled: 22-6-7446.
She asked people around her to contribute to the work by bringing her blue colours, paint and other materials. She then arranged all the different blue colours into a tableau of 7446 blocks of 3 cm to 7,5 cm. Size about 40 square meter.  
The wall painting illustrate nights that have passed and those still to come.

'Blueprint' was an installation by taiwanese ou studio as part of the allstars exhibition
DMY berlin design festival 09.

based on 'blueprint' technical drawings the installation consisted of a painted blue
wall with perspective elements of furniture from an old house, in taiwan. items including
the 'one piece' bench were constructed using bamboo paper, strong enough for visitors
to sit on. each item was measured and made to scale.


Katy Stone, Blue Falls, Installation, Acrylic paint on Duralar, mounted to
 lacquered wooden  crown supports, 43’ x 60’ x 3’, 2007.

Lita Alberque, Stellar Axis: Antarctica, installation, 2006.

Ayse Erkmen, Bluish, installation, 2008.


                                                 Arnaud Lapierre, Cube Art Installation, 2011.


                                 Yann Novak, Blue Hour, Audio Visual Installation,2011-2012,

Blue.Hour explores the high contrast colors created in the landscape during “l’heure bleue,” the period of twilight each evening when there is neither full daylight nor complete darkness. Directly following the ‘Golden Hour,’ know for its diffused yet powerful light, the Blue Hour retains the diffusion but lacks the strong light source giving this period of the day an especially melancholic and meditative atmosphere.


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Sharon said...

OH WOW!!! ode to blue part IV!!! A very joyous grouping here of some wonderful work and events.

Eric, thank you for putting this all together. It is a joy to see! All of the pieces here are fantastic. The Anna Hepler piece, 'The Great Haul', personally astounds me with it's beauty - and size - and materials!

Lisa Graham Art said...

Magnificent pieces here...the!

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