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woensdag 24 mei 2017

art challenge - new theme

A new theme for the next art challenge:


How it works:
If you want to join, just leave a comment saying you are in.
The following weekend (27 and 28 of May) the drawings,
paintings, collages, photos, poems etc. are shown on the
blogs of the participants.
And the host (me) links to them all.

Looking forward to see your BIRDS

Update: Sabine, Stefanie, Patrice, Veronica, Leena, Tammie, Norma, Mano, Sharmon...

8 opmerkingen:

Miss Herzfrisch zei

Dear Eric,
thank you for your invitation. Please count me in for the week-end.

Leena zei

Hi Eric! Birds!! That is wonderful! Please, count me in! Leena

Tammie Lee zei

Hi Eric,

Thank you for hosting!
I would like to join you.
See you this weekend.

Norma Conway zei

Yes I have a little something to show! Yeah! So please count me IN. Norma, ✨✨✨😉

mano zei

I'm in! thank you for the invitation!
:-) mano

Sharmon Davidson zei

Count me in too, if it's not too late! Thanks for the invitation, Eric!

mano zei

hi eric, my link for the ac:
:-) mano


I love your dancing birds, which are becoming more abstract and almost dissolve! These pictures I could also imagine well in very large format.

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