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zondag 2 november 2014




This week's drawing challenge reminded me again of the life drawing classes at the academy .
The models: large and small, fat and thin, beautiful and ugly, men and women, clothed and nude. 
However, I can't remember that they ever posed in their underwear. 
In one way or another that seemed too personal and intimate. 
Sometimes there was no model available, then there was a torso to draw. 

I've brougt back the dresses of the last dc to flat images and I came to these torsos.
Somewhere between clothed and nude, dressed and undressed.

To see more "underwear", please visit  Stefanie Seltner's site here
Thank you for hosting, Stefanie.

14 opmerkingen:

annton beate Schmidt zei

I totally adore the elegance of your images. And you are absolutely right, underwear feels more intimate than being completely nude. I wonder why this is...

Joke Konings zei

Eric deze zijn toch wel heel bijzonder, je verhaal natuurlijk ook. De kleuren passen allemaal zo goed bij elkaar, en de vormen. Ik vind deze helemaal te gek!

Tammie Lee zei

interesting that you don't remember them posing in underwear.

this is a striking piece Eric.

Kristen Donegan zei

I don't remember models ever being in underwear...or having it - they always seem to arrive in sweats or a robe of some kind- this is an interesting thought- and I like your continuation from the "dress" theme to this- nice flow! :)

tanïa zei

You're so right. There is some intimacy in wearing underwear and this is why Burlesque Ladies, for instance, never undress completely, but still keep some tiny pieces of underwear on.

tanïa zei

P.S.: Great series again! Love the torso theme!

Jo Murray zei

You always make fascinating images, Eric.

Carole Reid zei

Eric, very classy model you have here. Fabulous colour choices. Have a great week.

Stefanie Seltner zei

very nice and clever and yes, models in underwear, a strange imagination... we once had a woman with a panty because of her mens., she did not feel easy I remember...
thank you for playing x Stefanie

♥ tinyWOOLF ♥ zei

nicely warhol-y in a way. cute.

Patrice A. zei

een prachtige serie!
ik herinner me schildersoefeningen met dergelijke paspoppen
modeltekenen en schilderen vond ik heerlijk
slechts 1x hadden we een mannelijk model in zwembroek....


Sally Tharpe Rowles zei

I love these …yes…"Warhol-y " images….great colors!!

Caterina Giglio zei

great images, and you are right of course... about the underwear I mean...

Sharmon Davidson zei

Very cool images - i love the groups of 4 with the color combinations you used!

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