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zondag 21 augustus 2011

making waves

Louise Bourgeois, I am not what I am, I am what I do with my hands.

Vincent van Gogh, Six hands and two sowers, 1890

Terry Atkinson, Blue Skies 2. In the the tradition of painting the Republic
 (Banana Republic:) 1981 (scan from a postcard)

Mário Irarrázabal,, Giant hand, 1992, the Atacama Desert in Chile

Aboriginal cave painting


Antonio Tapies, hand with poem

Seth Apter, making waves 2010-2011, 32 sculptures

14 opmerkingen:

Seth zei

Thanks so much for including my artwork in this fantastic post Eric. I love the picture of Louise Bourgeois and the accompanying quote. And Tapies is one of my most favorite artists. Much appreciation.

Leslie Avon Miller zei

What a beautiful post! I had not heard the Bourgeoia quote - love it. Thank you Eric!

ArtPropelled zei

I've always been drawn to the hand cave paintings and love Seth's pieces together in a photo mosaic.

Jo Murray zei

A great collection of hands! Louise Bourgeois was an amazing woman.... and I just LOVE Seth's work.

Sue zei

Wonderful collection ß hands can be so expressive, and thez reallz are our mnain instruments for gestures. I love the Seth Apter sculptures ß great!

Marit zei

Via Seth's blog kom ik bij jou. Ik bekijk eens alles op mijn gemak en ja, als ik een blogpost met 'mijn motto' tegenkom ('there's a crack in everything, that's how the light gets in') ben ik verkocht! Je staat nu op mijn lijstje!

Karin Bartimole zei

Seth's blog, and his wonderful hand icons led me here to your post on this favorite subject of mine, and the fabulous selection you've chosen. For artist's, Louise's quote says it all - thanks for including that! And I just love the Giant Hand!!

Sue zei

Thank you for joining my blog, Adam!

kelly m. zei

incredible entry and love that image of Louise B. and her words - many thanks for that --

cerulean zei

Thank you all. Glad you like it.

Sharmon Davidson zei

An inspirational quote, with equally inspirational images. Great post!

Sally zei

Great post on one of my favourite subjects...leading to lots of new places to explore...thank you.

michelle ward zei

ooooh! I LOVE hands. Thank you for sharing this HANDsome post with me Eric!

Leslie Avon Miller zei

You have excellent tastes in artists. Thanks again!

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