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donderdag 25 augustus 2011

off to the sea

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Sharon zei

Oh Magnificent. Wow! Ancient &'ve really got that vibe. The's freedom and timelessness. Always changing, forever the same.

(I had no idea you really meant 'off to the sea' immediately! Nice surprise! - I will answer comments shortly, but a storm is bearing down and a hurricane is on its way. The joys of the sea! The calm and the ferocious. The good, the bad and the awesome.)

Really amazing piece, Eric!

Carole zei

Ahhhh the sea. Beautiful.

Seth zei

Beautiful. I love the strength and confidence of the black line in the center.

Marit zei

Sand, sea, deckchairs, blue skies... it's all there and yet it's not... Love it!!!

Jo Murray zei

The variations in images that you produce is extraordinary. Lovely work.

SIGrid zei

Oh, I like ist!

cerulean zei

Thank you all.
Sharon: Just got inspired by your post!
Marit: welcome!

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