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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Matisse, cut-outs

Polynesia, the sea
   The title of my last post was: "Off to the sea".   
  .Today I found "my sea", dumped along the road, 
    a poster of Matisse, "Polynesia, the sea", 1946. 

Towards the end of his career Matisse used a mixture
    of cut-outs in colored paper with gouache and crayon
to overcome the handicaps of age and illness. 
   The Blue Nudes are a major series of Matisse's final. 

   In 1947 Matisse created "Jazz", an artist's book of
   about one hundred prints based on paper cut-outs.
More information on "Jazz" you find here

Matiisse, Le Clown, The Clown

Matisse, Le Cirque, The circus

Matisse Monsieur Loval

Matisse,  Le Cauchemar de l'Elephant Blanc,
The nightmare of the white elephant

Matisse, Le Cheval, l'Ecuyere et le Clown,
The horse the rider and the clown

Matisse, Le Loup, Th e Wolf

Matisse, Icare, Icarus

Matisse, L'Enterrement de Pierrot, The burial of Pierrot

Matisse,  Les Codomas, Trapeze performers

Matisse, La Nageuse dans l'Aquarium,
The swimmer in the aquarium

Matisse, L'Avaleur de Sabres, The sword-swallower

Matisse, Le Cow-boy, The Cowboy

Matisse, Le Lanceur de Couteaux, The Knife Thrower

Matisse Le Lagon (III)

Matisse Le Tobogan

Matisse, Le coeur, Heart

Matisse, Formes, Forms

Matisse Le Lagon (II)

Matisse, Le Destin,The  Fate
Matisse, Le Lagon, The Lagune


Sharmon Davidson said...

Yes, I love Matisse's paper cut outs, and Jazz is just luscious! Thanks for reminding me!

Carole Reid said...

Matisse was a genius with colour and light. He is such an inspiration for artists to keep going even when......

Jo Murray said...

LOVE this post. Those cutouts were inspired!!! I have a book of them that I just can't keep my hands off.

Sharon said...

J'adore Monsieur Matisse! Merci.

What a wonderful find, roadside, for you! I am just now back on-line after 3 power-less days due to a tropical storm at sea. This post is such a delight. The joy-filled Jazz! Thank you.

Sophie Munns said...

I saw these works in a gallery in Scotland years ago.. it was fabulous then and still is in the memory!
Lovely to get to visit your blog again.. . too busy of late!

Sue said...

They are so wonderfully playful, enchanting forms and colours. Amazing that he did them when he was so poorly. It shows that your spirit and creativity mustn't have any limits, even if your body slows down.

layers said...

thank you for this post.. I did not know this about Matisse.. that near the end he created these cut out shapes.

Dhiraj said...

cut out are the ultimate distillation of the master's chromatic panache. Everything was just pared to the essential beauty.
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