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vrijdag 12 februari 2016

love - drawing challenge 188

Afrikaans : Lief,  Albanian: Dashuri,  Armenian: Ser,  Azerbaijani: Sevgi,  
Basque: Maite,  Belarusian: Liubic,  Bengali: Bhalobasha,  Bulgarian: Obicham,
Catalan: L' amor,  Cantonese: Oi,  Croatian: Volim te,  Czech: Laska,  Danish: Elske,  
Dutch: Liefde,  English: Love,  Estonian: Armastus,  Filipino: Mahalin,
Finnish: Rakkaus,  French: Amour,  German: Liebe,  Greek: Agape,
Gujarati : Prem,  Haitian Creole: Renmen,  Hawaiian: Aloha,  Hebrew: Ahava,
Hopi: Shima,  Hungarian: Szerelem,  Icelandic: Elska,  Indonesian: Cinta,
Innuit: Naglingnerk,  Irish: Gra,  Italian: Amore,  Javanese: Kulo tresno,
Kannada : Priye,  Korean: Salang,  Latin: Amare,  Latvian: Milestiba,
Lithuanian: Meile,  Macedonian: Ljubov,  Malay: Cinta,  Malayalam: Premam,
Maltese: Imhabba,  Norwegian: Elsker,  Romanian: Dragoste,  Serbian: Ljubav,
Sindhi: Pyaar,  Sioux: Techihhila,  Slovak: Laska,  Slovenian: Ljubezen,  
Spanish: Amor,  Swahili: Upendo, Taiwanese: Ai,  Tamil: Kadhal,
Thai: Rak,  Ukrainian: Lyubyty,  Vietnamese: Yeu,  Welsh: Caru,  Yiddish: Leiba.

To see more, please visit Melodye's blog here
She's the host for the drawing challenge  this week.
Thank you for hosting Melodye!

10 opmerkingen:

Melodye zei

Beautiful once a heart and pair of wings.

Happy Valentine's Day, Eric, and thanks for participating in this week's challenge!

vonleidenberg zei

I love your "loves", Eric. They are really touching und so beatiful. Happy Valentines Day for you and best regards

Tammie Lee zei

the two bring the touch of connection
of heart
of love

♥ tinyWOOLF ♥ zei

waw! ik hou van al die talen en de woorden voor liefde!!
and i find your two peas adorable. and i think just the right colour for this week too... 'young' red... n♥

Veronica Roth zei

The image reminds me of a connection. Of two halves coming together into one whole. Nice! By the way, I looked for the Czech love right

roberto M. zei

I have the idea that love is related to "two" (sometimes "three" ... but that's another topic) anyway I see here, the essence of this I mean. Yes, but in an abstract way, this is love. Congratulations.

Barbara Böttcher zei

I'm always amazed how you are able to interpret and incorporate every dc theme in your abstract art and it works and convices.
Barbara bee

Ariane Reichardt zei

I see two forms, Eric, like lips:
"Your lips are like a scarlet coloured twine, and your mouth is lovely." The Song of Salomon
Your abstraction opens the space... like love.
- Ariane

Patrice A. zei

kleur en beeld
en al die talen..... poetisch
en het zet me aan tot denken, filosoferen
.... alleen de liefde

verder ben ik komend weekend de host
en ik hoop dat je meedoet


Patrice A. zei

een heel verhaal geschreven
maar ik zie het niet terug......

nogmaals eerst de vraag
of je komende week weer meedoet?
ik ben de host

Patrice A.

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