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zaterdag 17 oktober 2015

cover - drawing challenge 178

This week's dc,"cover", reminded me of the monoprints
of pieces of  corrugated cardboard I made some times ago.

It's long ago since I've covered a book and the prints seem
to fit well to this sketchbook. I tend to buy sketchbooks
without using them, so it's still empty.
Maybe it will be filled with sand drawings...

To see more "covers", please visit Ariane's site here

9 opmerkingen:

Jo Murray zei

So simple.... but it looks fabulous.

Leena zei

That is so clever and beautiful, thank you! Leena

Ariane Reichardt zei

One reason for taking the theme 'cover' has been, that I should read a special book... but the cover is too ugly (for me) so I haven't read it since now.
Dear Eric, I would love to take your book with my hands, wanna touch it, turn it round because of your beautiful cover! Doesn't matter if the pages were empty or not...

Thanks for playing!
xx Ariane

Tammie Lee zei

that makes for a handsome book cover!
quite wonderful.

Seth zei

LOVE this cover!

♥ tinyWOOLF ♥ zei

sand drawings! i wonder!!
this notebook is sweetly covered though, i have itchy fingers from here to crank open that book, after i've fully digested its promising cover...! n♥

Barbara Böttcher zei

I like it a lot! Its so simple clean and yet very attractive with its reduced palette and form, you could fill the sketchbook with lots of cardboard sketches...
barbara bee

Veronica Roth zei

I once did that! I once covered about 200 books in my library with beautiful paper just to have something lovely to look at. It was terribly impractical though, because I never knew which book was what. Now this is a much better idea. Sketchbooks don't need titles. Love this idea and love that print.

likeschocolate zei

I love the clean simple design! It works!

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