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zaterdag 21 februari 2015

drawing challenge 159: vein

In 2007, I experimented with monotype on gauze. On the back I made the drawing.
Print lines, such as etching and monoprint, are characteristic because the separation
between paper and line is sharp. At the same time they are also reminiscent of veins
that lie close to the skin.
These prints came in memory at the dc on veins.
To see more on this theme: please visit the site of Veronica, who's the host this week.

8 opmerkingen:

Veronica Roth zei

Nicely done Eric. I'm dying to do some more printing...just need to find time to make the lino or wood cuts. I love the deep red colours and especially am drawn to the fourth image as red stands out against the black veins. An artery, vein system. :D

Sue Marrazzo zei

I think it is an interesting fabric...I love experimenting with this too! NICE RED!

Tammie Lee zei

I can see why these pieces came to mind. they are quite attractive!

Marian Bonelli zei

Very interesting concept, love it!

Patrice A. zei

i like these very much!
those beautiful lines
some sharp some not
very inspirational


renilde zei

lovely contrasts between softer and stronger coloured parts in each work, giving an impression of light shining through, yes i see veins too Eric

Sharmon Davidson zei

beautiful red lines...

roberto M. zei

Very good work! When one thinks of "vein" think ramifications as the veins of a leaf. But your job showing red and straight veins, like a checkerboard lines, perfectly gives me the vein idea! Congratulations.

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