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donderdag 1 januari 2015

time calendar

At every drawing challenge I'm always curious to see how all  the
contributions appear together and relate to each other.
So, here it is; the one and only time calendar:)
For your and my own pleasure.
Who created what?  Just visit my last post from 30 December.

11 opmerkingen:

Tammie Lee zei

hello Eric,
this is so much fun. I love that you brought our DC community together like this. It has inspired a smile in me and i also enjoy seeing all the pieces together. Wishing you an awesome 2015!

Veronica Roth zei

Hey, that's totally cool! Well done you. Wow, aren't we a clever bunch. I bet this would make a beautiful book. (For me anyway) I love all our art and our DCs. I'd also love a centralised location, like a Mr Linky link from my blog, to make link-ups and announcements better. Not sure one exists for my Wordpress platform, but I'll look into a Mr Linky for Wordpress plug-in/widget and then let my 22yr old install it. After all, that what 22yr olds are!

Annie zei

It looks beautiful, Eric! Thanks for getting us all together. Ax

AvdW zei

thank you eric!
The result of you bc is beautiful!

roberto M. zei

Very good theme. unfortunately. I just found out today about this DC. the next time I'll be more attentive to the invitations!

♥ tinyWOOLF ♥ zei

zag via fb dat je dit deed. cool! n♥

Sharmon Davidson zei

I love seeing all of these together! wonderful idea!

Lucia Henke zei

Very great, this one and only time calender. Thank you!

Joke Konings zei

This is great Eric, very special and creative. It's personal. Thank you.

Stefanie Seltner zei

Thank you, dear Eric, what a nice idea, I enjoy it a lot, feels comfortbale being there!
x Stefanie

Caterina Giglio zei

They look great together, interesting how so many different artists working on the same theme create a cohesive one..

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