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dinsdag 6 januari 2015

drawing challenge 154: new theme

Clearing my studio, I came across a bag of matchboxes.
I started to collect them once but I've forgotten why. Anyway, I started
a new project. I came already  to eight, but I'm not sure if it will be daily.

It was with great pleasure to host the last two dc´s.
I didn´t see or find a host for the next dc nr.154.
So, if you don´t mind...I´ll host the next drawing challenge again.

Here´s the theme: matchbox.

How it works: 
If you want to join, leave a comment saying you are in.
The following weekend ( 10 and 11 of January) the drawings, photos, poems etc.
are shown on the blogs of the participants.
And the host (me:) links to them all.

Looking forward to see your matchbox(es).

18 opmerkingen:

roberto M. zei

Thanks for the invitation!! Count with me please!

♥ tinyWOOLF ♥ zei

this time i come flying straight to yours to tell you i'll be in! and i'll earmark the date! n♥

Miss Herzfrisch zei

Dear Eric,
thank you for your invitation. Please count me in.

Joke Konings zei

You can count me inn, thank's for the invitation.

Annie zei

Dear Eric. Thanks for asking me to join in next time. I have a busy few days coming up, but I'd love to take part.

tanïa zei

Dear Eric, happy new year and thank you for your invitation. Please count me in, I'm happy to be back for such a lovely theme! Wonderful matchbox artwork, by the way! So curious what's yet to come.

Lucia Henke zei

Dear Eric, thank you and yes, i take part.

Sue Marrazzo zei

I LIKE the match boxes idea! COOL!

Veronica Roth zei

I'm in! I'm in! I'm in! :D

Tammie Lee zei

how wonderful
and thank you for hosting again
i love this idea
i have been saving some match boxes
now you will inspire me
to do something with at least one

Tammie Lee zei

also, i love seeing your boxes!

Stefanie Seltner zei

I am in, happy you´re the host again!
x Stefanie

AvdW zei

I am in, Eric!

Kristen Donegan zei

I'm in too! Thank you for keeping the DC going- kudos to you dear Eric :)

Carole Reid zei

I'm in too! Thanks for the invite.

Fische Frauen zei

I am in! But it will be maybe less than a matchbox ;-)

renilde zei

Hello Eric, it has been such a long time since my last DC participation but please count me in, thanks, Renilde

Arzigogolare zei

I love the hidden potential in these tiny "places"...and you've shown wonderful imagination in your first eight!

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