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zondag 8 mei 2011

the winners

Thank you all for the nice and original comments. The wordplay with the numbers made me smile. There was a  preference for the odd numbers, especially for seven. There were eleven reactions ( if I count the three from Egmont for one). And that´s my number.( I was born on the 11th). And no, it was not really a "hat or random number"give away.

Ralf: You've used all numbers. Great!
Connie: Thanks for passing by and welcome to my blog.
Kelly: Yes, up to the next 200. I do my utmost...
Jo: Love your "6s and 7s". I noticed your wishing...
Sharon: Your "mathematically challenged" and the "#8 sneaking in  " are beautiful. I'm wondering if I made 100 numbers what would be your number? "Je ne sais quoi".
Karen: That's a beautiful haiku.
Egmont: You've discovered the use of mathematical paper! 
Black and white: Love your 36 hearts......
Donna: Sure you can write. I love it. It's a beautiful children song. But how do the 4 horses divide the 5 bales of hay and the 6 carrots, without getting a quarrel? (asked the child in me)
Seth: Thank you . And being featured on Create Mixed Media was by the message on your blog. (so, I owe you a dime!)
Annie: That's a nice "short story". While making the numbers I  too had the association with  trains and the railway. Nice you saw an exclamation in the image of number 3. But it actually is the beginning of 5 sneaking in.

Finally: the winners: Ralf, nr 7, Sharon: nr 1 and Donna (please let me know which nr you prefer because 7 goes to Ralf). Congratulations!
Be sure, it was hard to make a good decision. My criteria: Not derived from something else, fresh and unusual.  Next time maybe a hat......
Ralf, Sharon and Donna: please email me your postal address and Donna your preference.

5 opmerkingen:

layers zei

Eric, I am so surprised that my goofy writing won out.. and thrilled that I will get one of your wonderful pieces. Thank you so much. I will send you my address in an email.

r.bohnenkamp zei

I'm happy
you make me happy
many thanks Eric!!!

Jo Murray zei

Congratulations to the winners!!!! Lucky, lucky you....well, no, creative and imaginative you. Well done.

The Artist Within Us zei

Congratulations to the winners. May they enjoy your special offering gift.

Warmest regards,

Seth zei

Congrats to the winners. That was one fun giveaway!

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