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donderdag 19 juni 2014


collage, mixed media20x30 cm, 2005

8 opmerkingen:

Sue Marrazzo zei

LOVE the colors!
I received my collage from the giveaway...IT's GREAT! Thanks.

Jo Murray zei

That has a very 3D effect. Thought you were moving into a new phase.

Kristen Donegan zei

This is very striking Eric- and a bit of a change in color from what you've been posting -

I got my collage too and LOVE it!!! Thank you so much :)


Thanks. The bridge is an older piece from 2005...:)

Caterina Giglio zei

ah... very interesting work... I like seeing where an artist has been..

Tammie Lee zei

hello Eric,

you have a wonderful way with colors and shape. i enjoy considering that the bridge is hovering amongst the blue...

a surprise arrived in the mail today!
It is wonderful. I also love the colors mixed with letters, stamp and texture. Such a wonderful piece! Thank you so much!!

Carole Reid zei

such a big impact for such a small piece of art. It has a 3D feel to it. Happy weekend to you.

AvdW zei

erg mooi eric!!!!

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