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donderdag 19 maart 2015

yellow yellow... searching for roy b giv

"Under the boardwalk"

Looking back at my exhibition (link) of 2012 where I showed my
yellow collages on a white background,  I wondered how they
would look on a colored background.

By using photoshop I've colored the background. Who's afraid of ...:)
Just click the images to see a larger version. The white image is the original one.

To see more "yellows" just visit the sites of Julie or Jennifer 
who are hosting the search for roy b giv.

"Breaking sand"

6 opmerkingen:

Blue Sky Dreaming zei

I always prefer white surrounding the work but for fun my favorite here would be the red wall!

ELFI zei

un beau travail dans un jaune doux...

Caterina Giglio zei

I agree with Mary Ann, prefer the white and they look stunning together... I am enamored of the tiny holes..

Charlton Stitcher zei

White for me too. It seems to have a special affinity with yellow. Love your two mixed media pieces.

Arzigogolare zei

What a fun "exercise" to try... I agree with others who find the white sets them off best, but must say the yellow brings a nice sense of coherence to the pieces as a group, i.e. makes the individual works feel like a single/unified one. In any case, your collages are just lovely, and so interesting to examine with their many details...

Sharmon Davidson zei

Beautiful collection of yellow collages - my favorite backgrounds are the white and the blue.

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