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zaterdag 28 maart 2015

The beauty of pollination - drawing challenge 162 - pollinators

Inspired by this week's drawing challenge "pollinators"
 I made these two collages: "bees"and "pattern"



And some digital honeycomb patterns.

Found on the web: The beauty of pollination.

Don't forget to look at the beautiful work of Wolfgang Laib  (just click his name)

To see more: please visit Tammie Lee 's site here

16 opmerkingen:

Sue Marrazzo zei

cool work, post and artist!

lissa zei

I'm not good at judging abstract work but these look good to me and they fit well the dc theme. I do like the idea of patterns and how they appear in nature and perhaps pollinators are pattern makers? I guess that is the beauty of nature.

hope you have a lovely day.

Tammie Lee zei

wonderful how pollinators inspired you and your art. each piece is a joy to see. I love the piles of gold too.

I believe i saw this movie long ago, so good to see again. they are such hard workers. beautiful too. Thanks for joining in.

Blue Sky Dreaming zei

These are so rich in color and texture!

tanïa zei

Love your artwork so much again. And he film! I'm totally flashed by the cuteness and beauty!! Thank you so much , Eric!

mano zei

I'm a great admirer of wolfgang laib and saw some of his work in different museums. wonderful!
but I like your artworks too, the collages are really great!
and the video is a highlight!
:-) mano

Seth zei

Love these two pieces. The composition in both is tremendous!

Veronica Roth zei

Really lovely Eric. Both your pieces are highly suggestive of bees and pollen and beehives. Nice work. Now to go check out the artist you linked. :D Have a great weekend and week ahead.

Sharmon Davidson zei

I really like both your collage/ drawing pieces, Eric, as well as the digital honeycombs. I had forgotten about Laib's intriguing ritualistic work, but how perfect for the theme! And that video is gorgeously inspirational! Great post!

renilde zei

great post Eric, yellow isn't really my color but i look at it with different eyes now, thanks

Viola zei

Wonderful paintings and patterns. And such a beautiful video, oh.. I wish they could show this film in cinemas before the film!

Barbara Böttcher zei

Hello Eric,
the theme adds an interesting twist to your collages and this film is a real gem - love it!
I didn't know Wolfgang Laib, but worked with pigments of sunflowers once myself because I was intruiged by the color! Thanks for sharing all this!
barbara bee

Patrice A. zei

wolfgang laib!
the collor of pollen
also in your paintings
the honeycomb patterns are nice too
the video....
for brighting up this autumnly day!

Carole Reid zei

The video made me want to burst out singing! What a glorious world of pollinators. Love this post, love your work, love the spring!

♥ tinyWOOLF ♥ zei

magic! love your yellow collages. will now go and have a look at laib. thxs, n♥

roberto M. zei

I think the first visual impression caused me the color of your collages, fully related to the topic. Pollen / yellow. Then obviously I kept looking at your work, but I got carried away by feeling, not rational.

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