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Sunday, December 9, 2012

1 + 1 = 3 ? What do you think?

Three panels, 70 x 170, 36 x 170 and 70 x 170 cm, Drawings: Marleen Krijnen. Collages  (framed),  16,5 x 16,5 x 4 cm, Eric Adama
The idea that two art forms can reinforce each other and give an extra dimension to the whole, is the basis for a creative collaboration and an exhibition with Marleen Krijnen in the Window Gallery 
These three  panels will be exhibited in a special buit window in a private house in the mueum-quarter of Utrecht, The Netherlands.

I started the project as an experiment with the idea that it could be of more interest to ask someone to add  his/her art to the selection I already made for the window exhibition. 

Synergie comes from the Greek word synergia, meaning joint work and cooperative action.
Synergiy is when the result is greater than the sum of the parts. Synergy is created when things work in concert together to create an outcome that is in some way of more value than the total of what the individual inputs is. 

What do you think, did we succeed? Is there a synergy? (Or why not?)



Roberta Warshaw said...

Oh yes. Very much so. I love your color work against the backdrop of the black and white.

Very nice to see your pieces framed and hanging.

Lisa Graham said...

Well Eric, this requires a lot of thought for a Monday night, but the pieces are interesting enough that I studied them for a while to give my best answer.

Yes. There is synergy. The reason (for me) is because the shapes in the two styles are similar...there are a few common or close to common squares, dashes, shapes inside of shapes and cubes. And of course the contrast of the black and white with the color. What I really love is how the colors you use are not overly contrasting...they are just subtle enough leaving the work very pleasant and gentle on the eyes.

I really love this.

D-kunst said...

My two cents worth (as a muse):

Marleen's abstractions in her artwork does exactly what it entails, "it distracts", whereas your artwork manages to "bring focus". Overall, you have two different dynamics playing together to create the sense of "dreaming" or the act of being in a "dream".

I feel that the subconscious message is one of movement. Is it synergy? I believe it is.

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