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Saturday, May 14, 2016

art challenge 194 - sky


"They change their sky not their soul who rush across the sea"- Horace


This poem by Willem Hussem crossed my path. It inspired me to the above pieces,
collage and mixed media, each 15 x 20 cm

Poem bu Dutch artist and poet Willem Hussem, 
1900-1974, wallpainting in Leiden, The Netherlands


     put the blue
     of the sea
     against the 
     blue of sky
     sky, wipe
     some white
     of a sail
     in it and the
     wind starts to blow



To see more "skies" please visit the sites of the other  participants to this art challenge here: 

I didn't had time to find out about the linky site. So it's the old fashioned way:) Didn't I forget anyone?

Thanks everyone for joining!


Stefanie Seltner said...

Hello Eric,

I really loved your previous post with the airmail envelopes and the link to this exhibition. And love to see your collages, today, too.

May I jump in, please? Thank you!

Have a nice weekend
x Stefanie

roberto M. said...

Oh what a pity, i never new about this challenge. I like the new name! :)

Tammie Lee said...

each of your pieces are wonderful
and the bit of writing about sea sky and white is lovely do consider

thank you for hosting!

nadine paduart said...

thank you horace, that is a magical celestial quote, if ever there was one. i'm stealing it!

i love your inspired sky work, eric. i dig it, i feel it. the colours are so fetching for the sky as we know it... the poem is fun. very water-and-sky-loverly...

thank you for such an anthralling theme. oh that sky! n♥

nadine paduart said...

either i'm being a weirdo or i've forgotten how to work in blogger... it seems to me i am missing my comment... hahahahahah.
now let me think, if ever you haven't received the first one, what did i say again?
right. what i forgot to mention was what stefanie names here; me too i love the envelopes your showed us in the DC announcement. i love the horace quote up above (and i'm stealing it, a second time), and the poem you have added is light, airy and of course filled with sky.

your own work shines accordingly. the colours work fine as a representation of sky, etc. i like the paper tears most, they lend more texture to this theme, they also represent clouds, in my opinion.
i have loved this this theme very much, surprised as i am myself!

Ariane Reichardt said...

Dear Eric,
first of all I wanna thank you for hosting again and then with this theme.

I like your collages from the airy mail very much. And here your collages and poems! Heaven!
My favorite is the one in the center of the triptych.
{And I have changed my sky but not my soul... we moved from the Lionpalace back to the Castle at the Eisenbach with wide skies, wide like the sea}

x Ariane. Rose

Veronica Roth said...

Lovely peeks into a cerulean sky, and lovely poems. Looks like we both had sky/words inspiration this week. Thank you so much for hosting. I miss the challenge so much when it's not happening. :D

Unknown said...

The visual of the poem by Hussem on the brick wall ground is just excellent to say the least. The human heart and human spirit shines in the original writing of this work, and in the care taken to present it on a large scale in a public place, and in the attention taken to notice, observe, and feel the words. It's so a permanent installation. Well Eric, your art always gets me. I've always loved that you work small scale. I always get inspired by your art and feel I want to delve into my own experience of doing a small abstract...and I don't even know if your work IS abstract? That's just what I call myself. I love it a lot, anyway. Thanks for hosting. We've all had such fun. See you soon. N, x

Patrice A. said...

ik heb mijn bericht geplaatst
DANKJEWEL voor dit thema
met mijn hoofd omhoog de wereld bekeken
ik word als altijd blij van je collages
gevoel van zon, wind en zomer
ik kijk er naar uit!!


Patrice A. said...

en dank voor de gedichten!!

Unknown said...

Dear Eric,
thank you for this Art Challenge. Your Collages and the Poems make me think new about the SKY.
One more Thing: I laughed out loud when I read your James Bond association to my Russian sky.

Melodye said...

Your collages and poems are wonderful! So inspiring, as were your Air Mail envelopes. Thanks for hosting this week's challenge, and for bringing us all together.

My contribution is here:

Sharmon Davidson said...

These pieces are wonderful, Eric. Each says "sky" to me and I feel I'm floating in it...

Patrice A. said...

H I !
just posted
a new theme for
the next drawing challenge
on my blog

Patrice A.

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