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vrijdag 8 april 2016

prayer, meditation, still point - drawing challenge 193

It's long ago since I made these pieces. 
They're a kind of balancing acts of a found piece of iron and 
found stones and were only there for one day.  
What remained are the Polaroids. 
They came in mind by Tammie's drawing challenge this week 
about prayer, meditation, and still point.
To see more, please visit her site here

vrijdag 25 maart 2016

Barnett Newman's Stations of the Cross

  I've always been impressed by the 14 Stations of the Cross by Barnett Newman.

  Easter is the right moment to put them back in the spotlight.
  More about Barnett Newman you'll find herehere and here

  Wishing you a happy Easter! 


zaterdag 5 maart 2016

leap - drawing challenge 191

small steps, big leaps:)

This week's art challenge is leap.

What I did: I've tried to paint some leaps but I wasn't really satisfied
with the results. They turned out to be a little dull. So I cut them in
pieces and reshuffled them. The red pieces  are the originals, the brown
pieces got some ps 'leaps'. So here they are: small steps, big leaps:)

To see more leaps, please visit the site of Veronica here.  She's the host this week.

zaterdag 27 februari 2016

metamorphosis - drawing challenge 190

Boats on their side... cocooning, connected, people talking, or maybe lips, or peas or plants...

I've devided them, now they're like a skyline, a row of wings, shields, or...

To see more Metamorphosis, please visit the site of Rose  here.

zaterdag 20 februari 2016

cocoon - drawing challenge 189

To create a cocoon I've put a few boats on their side. I moved back and
forth with their shape, mirrored some of them, played with their
colors and there they were: the "cocooning" boats :)
(Well, actually it took a bit longer...).

To see more cocoons, please visit Patrice her site here

vrijdag 12 februari 2016

love - drawing challenge 188

Afrikaans : Lief,  Albanian: Dashuri,  Armenian: Ser,  Azerbaijani: Sevgi,  
Basque: Maite,  Belarusian: Liubic,  Bengali: Bhalobasha,  Bulgarian: Obicham,
Catalan: L' amor,  Cantonese: Oi,  Croatian: Volim te,  Czech: Laska,  Danish: Elske,  
Dutch: Liefde,  English: Love,  Estonian: Armastus,  Filipino: Mahalin,
Finnish: Rakkaus,  French: Amour,  German: Liebe,  Greek: Agape,
Gujarati : Prem,  Haitian Creole: Renmen,  Hawaiian: Aloha,  Hebrew: Ahava,
Hopi: Shima,  Hungarian: Szerelem,  Icelandic: Elska,  Indonesian: Cinta,
Innuit: Naglingnerk,  Irish: Gra,  Italian: Amore,  Javanese: Kulo tresno,
Kannada : Priye,  Korean: Salang,  Latin: Amare,  Latvian: Milestiba,
Lithuanian: Meile,  Macedonian: Ljubov,  Malay: Cinta,  Malayalam: Premam,
Maltese: Imhabba,  Norwegian: Elsker,  Romanian: Dragoste,  Serbian: Ljubav,
Sindhi: Pyaar,  Sioux: Techihhila,  Slovak: Laska,  Slovenian: Ljubezen,  
Spanish: Amor,  Swahili: Upendo, Taiwanese: Ai,  Tamil: Kadhal,
Thai: Rak,  Ukrainian: Lyubyty,  Vietnamese: Yeu,  Welsh: Caru,  Yiddish: Leiba.

To see more, please visit Melodye's blog here
She's the host for the drawing challenge  this week.
Thank you for hosting Melodye!

zaterdag 6 februari 2016

sixes and sevens - drawing challenge 187

This week's dc theme: "At sixes and sevens"... I've played
with the numbers, not in utter chaos:), just to get a firm grip...

To see more sixes and sevens, please visit Nadine's site here
She's the host this week.

zaterdag 30 januari 2016

Shinrin Yoku - drawing challenge 186

Treetops,  photographed during a holiday in the South of France in 2010.

I  visited there "La Bambouserie", a botanic garden in the Cevennes, South of France, 
It has a forest of giant bamboo and a Japanese-inspired garden, based on the principles of Feng Shui. 

Below some images of the garden. You can find it here:

In the shop I discovered the inspiring book "Écorces" (Bark) by Cédric Pollet.


"This work is the culmination of ten years of photography, in nearly twenty-five destinations, tracking down the most fascinating bark on the globe. From his numerous botanical expeditions, Cédric Pollet brings back unique shots where graphics and colors intermingle without limit".

Below some images from the book.

To see more "Shinrin-yoku", also known as "forest bathing", please visit
the site of Veronica here
She's the host this week for the weekly drawing challenge.

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