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donderdag 8 maart 2012

jcj vanderheyden 1928 - 2012

In memoriam 
23 juni 1928 –  27 februari 2012
Jacques van der Heyden was already an artist before he became one. To him, an artist was like a scholar, but without intellectual boundaries. From the start, he presented himself as a researcher of the image, the perception and the relationship between these two. With his work, he tackles matters that are otherwise reserved for science or philosophy. He poses questions such as: how does an image arise? What turns an image into a whole? How does the image relate to its mirror-image and to other forms of reproduction? He did not believe in the overview. He never dated his work, delighted in subverting time and believed that linear thinking limits people unnecessarily. He saw development as the endless repetition of the same thing, over and over again; his own reproduction of reality. In his view, the tiniest part of a painting counted for as much as the whole canvas. The whole is in the part. Mankind likewise meant almost nothing to him—in comparison with the world, the universe and the cosmos—yet at the same time this insignificant man, with his ability to observe, transform and recreate images, was a God.

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