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zaterdag 17 september 2011

bits and pieces

5 opmerkingen:

Sue zei

These new artworks are really brilliant! Like pieces of ancient walls, full of history. What materials do you use?

Sharon zei

Eric, These are fantastic. So ancient/contemporary - again! Love the colors you've chosen to use on these. You handle a very limited palette brilliantly - with much charm.

Jo Murray zei

Love those bits and pieces... you sure know how to combine your papers!

cerulean zei

Thank you all for the nice comments.(Actually, I had my doubts whether I was satisfied with these works).
Glad you like it!
Sue: my materials / techniques are paper, paint, collage and décollage.

Carole zei

I really enjoyed seeing all these bits and pieces together on this posting. You should feel satisfied with these, they're great!

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