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woensdag 27 juli 2011

random grid (posts from July 2010)

7 opmerkingen:

Jo Murray zei

Great to see all these images in a grid. Thanks. As a new blogger I missed all previous years.

Sharon zei

WoW! What a tapestry! Delightful. Your main themes from this month weave themselves in and out, blending to the whole, while holding their own space. Really strong! I will have to scan July 2010 to see each piece on its own. From what I see, I will enjoy this immensely. Really fine work here.

I've turned into a slacker lately, with the fine summer weather that has finally arrived. I have missed a lot of your recent work. Good work...bad on me! I think I've had my vacation, time to get serious. I always look forward to your newest.

Carole zei

Wow, impressive!

Leslie Avon Miller zei

I like this quite a lot.

layers zei

Looks like a wonderful warm quilt when all are viewed together like this.

Sue zei

These are wonderful works, I'm pleased to have found your art blog. I'm curious about the techniques you use. Very inspiring.

Joy Logan zei

I do love grids with complimentary colors!

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