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vrijdag 8 april 2016

prayer, meditation, still point - drawing challenge 193

It's long ago since I made these pieces. 
They're a kind of balancing acts of a found piece of iron and 
found stones and were only there for one day.  
What remained are the Polaroids. 
They came in mind by Tammie's drawing challenge this week 
about prayer, meditation, and still point.
To see more, please visit her site here

9 opmerkingen:

Caterina Giglio zei

very impressive...


What a fantastic performance, I love it! Ulrike

Sharmon Davidson zei

These lovely pieces do feel very meditative to me, as I'm sure they were to work on. Beautiful.

Norma Conway zei

I love this installation. The idea of it. It itself. The setting of it. The impermanence of it. One day. The non-colours relatively speaking of it. The Polaroidness of it. Wonderful Eric! N, x

Tammie Lee zei

these are wonderful Eric
i am so glad you shared them with us
i can feel the tension of balance and ease of prayer in each image
and sculpture
thank you for joining us!

♥ tinyWOOLF ♥ zei

i love this play on balance, and to see these all together make a story! n♥

sue zei

love what you've done with these. my pockets are always full of pebbles. i really like the interaction between the stone and metal.

Victoria zei

deeply beautiful and visually powerful. I could feel many different themes playing out in each photo..themes of embrace, life, death/transformation, release. many metaphors! so beautifully done! what a fantastic visual journey!

Laura zei

A beautiful visual expression of meditation practice.

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