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zaterdag 21 november 2015

calm - drawing challenge 181

Calm: a (very) short brainstorm (or better: -breeze): a calm sea,
calm waves, small pieces of driftwood, (they're like small boats),
A (travel)box (+/- 15 x 20 cm), with synonyms, found here

To see more please visit Veronica's site here

11 opmerkingen:

Veronica Roth zei

That's just fantastic Eric. Wouldn't it be wonderful if those little "boats" could be sent out on the ocean into the world and they would eventually arrive on a shore and be found by someone who needed it? I think it would be so great.

♥ tinyWOOLF ♥ zei

i LOVE the words. i always love the words. here too. n♥

Tammie Lee zei

calming and interesting to look at
your colors are calming
and the driftwood interesting

viel-krempel zei


Stefanie Seltner zei

pieces of driftwood like boats... i like that
you know, your blog is a calm place, good to visit
x Stefanie

Patrice A. zei

wat een prachtig werk!!
de kleuren van de zee ;^))
en de stukjes hout
als bootje
met woorden


Silke Powers zei

What beautiful work! I love the abstraction and the colors of the painting and the idea of the words on driftwood is intriguing! xoxo

Renee Dowling zei

Unique idea!

Ariane Reichardt zei

Calm waves... mooi!
and for me calm clouds, too, dear Eric,
drifting clouds like thoughts, your words.
Great work, your travel box!
- Ariane

Miss Herzfrisch zei

A beautiful box dear Eric, calm blue and wonderful words.
Longing for a deep breath of sea air...
♥ Sabine

Kelleyn Rothaermel zei

I love this saying! Thanks for sharing!

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