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vrijdag 16 januari 2015

reds - searching for roy g biv





A series of 12 small reds, each 10 x 10 cm, 4 x 4 inch.
To see more reds please visit the sites from Julie and Jennifer.

6 opmerkingen:

Jennifer zei

Stunning series Eric. Glad to have you joining in the search for Roy this year. Happy New Year!

Caterina Giglio zei

I agree with Jennifer... stunning..

Fiona Dempster zei

Oooh, a delicious collections of reds Eric thanks!

Arzigogolare zei

Lovely series! I like what I read as a certain "map-y-ness" in many of them...

Kelly M. zei

Powerful works! Such richness! Bravo!

ELFI zei

j'aime aussi ces créations!

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