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Sunday, August 24, 2014

pink poppies or so

Recently I came across "the search for roy b giv" (the colors of the rainbow),
a challenge about finding or using a specific color.
This month  it's moving beyond the rainbow colors and the color is pink.
It reminded me of two recent blogposts:
 the drawing challenge "nude"and "the summer of color", with the colors lavender, grey and plum
-  "a small field of popppies", the summer of colors post with the colors pink, apple green and dark green.
It brought me to some digital pink color studies.
To see more pink, please visit Julie's or Jennifer 's blog for all the pink links.


Arzigogolare said...

I very much like the studies you've done, Eric...the many different versions make for a very nice collection all together!
- Lisa

Jo Murray said...

It's interesting how one's perception of each image changes with the colour.

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