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woensdag 4 juni 2014

the second series





6 opmerkingen:

Jo Murray zei

As they say here Eric..."you are on a roll".

Joke Konings zei

Je hebt de smaak te pakken!!

Ariane Reichardt zei

Pretty stream of memories,
dear Eric, going on and on...


Tammie Lee zei

you are really in the flow of creation! I love the colors, something so soothing and warm about the aqua and creamy colors, letters and textures, like a beach.


These are FABULOUS! Ohhh makes me want to pull out all my treasures and start creating. No time - too much traveling & collecting for future collages.

Carole Reid zei

Very cool, Eric. I love your work.
Have you been talking to Nick Bantock lately? :)

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