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dinsdag 11 juni 2013

buried treasures

my "stacked archives"

Seth Apter from "The altered page" has made his yearly post about buried treasures and hidden gems.
Searching in the posts of the last years I came along the post from Sept. 21, 2011. 
It was about paper stacks and  artists who like to stack, also one of the wonderful projects of Seth.
Between  all the comments on that post I re-discoverd an interesting one (from Jo Murray):
"These are some awesome stacks!....but i'd really like to get my hands on there are
 some masterpieces in there". 
Masterpieces or not:),  when I posted the photo above, I realized  that no one could see what was
inside the stack.
Here are some of them. Not shown before and hidden in my "stacked archive".
Don't forget to visit Seth's site for more "buried treasures", you'll find it here

Made in 2001, no titles, mixed media on paper/collage, size +/- A4 or smaller.



11 opmerkingen:

Roberta zei

Good to know I am not the only one with "stacks".

Connie Rose zei

Every one of these is a gem, Eric!

Caterina Giglio zei

so wonderful to show a few of these as well as the magnificent stack...

Annie zei

Great to see what you chose for Buried treasure. I love taking part in it and seeing what everyone shows again. What a great selection you pulled from that stack!!

Jo Murray zei

I knew it! Thank heavens for Seth or we would never have seen these treasures.

Thread Born zei

What wonderful hidden treasure in that stack! I love the textures and colors..the sensitivity and simplicity. Happy to have found you!--Julie

susan bowers zei

Ditto to Jo's earlier sentiments - that is a stack worth getting one's hands on. Full of apparent treasures.

G. Merett zei

So solid yet shows so much movement. I like the papers.

Leslie Avon Miller zei

Oh so enjoyable to see the stack unstacked!

Kimberly Jones zei

Hello! I'm visiting via Seth Apter's Buried Treasure. I'm so intrigued by the idea of stacks! I've always created lots of piles, but a stack sounds much more interesting and deliberate. I'm very taken with the colors and textures in your work.


Thank you all for your kind comments. Glad you like it. Coming month(s) I'll post more from the "stacked archive".

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