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donderdag 30 augustus 2012

bridge III

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K R I S T I I N A zei

So cool art work here! I am so sorry I missed the cerulean-online-exhibition, because I think that at times I am sooo blue. When I look on the range of my recent art work there´s lots of it. Maybe it is a sense of tranquility and calm that is needed in my yet a little chaotic life at the moment.
I hope you all the best for your work! I love the textures and spaces!
See ya more!

Sharon zei

Interesting bridge here! I found the last two bridge pieces fascinating. This one seems to step out in a different way. I am getting a sense here of something Google Map/Zoom. And that tiny piece of red recalls something I've seen recently in a Motherwell landscape abstract. Intriguing! Eagerly awaiting bridge IV.

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