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donderdag 4 augustus 2011

the under assistent west coast promotion man

7 opmerkingen:

Sharon zei

And his two under, under assistants? All waiting to do lunch?

Nice piece!

r.bohnenkamp zei

Hi Eric,
a really fine work
and funny title:)
I like it!
best, Ralf

cerulean zei

Hi Sharon,thanks. The two clerks?: sitting and thinking how sharp they are.

Hi Ralf, thank you. About the title: I just liked this nice combination of words. Wondering were it comes from? Just google it.

Sue zei

Wasn't it a song title of Donavan...? (I didn't google it, so might be completely wrong). Anyway, I like the artwork!Nice shades of gray-blue-white.

WayCoolWeaver zei

Nope....Rolling Stones!

cerulean zei

Hi Sue, almost. It was the B-side of Satisfaction.

ArtPropelled zei

I like it too and I'm smiling at the quirky title.

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