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zaterdag 24 maart 2012

Hey boy, what's your name?

Random grid, autumn 2010.  From top left to bottom right (just click the text to show an image ):
  rain ,  one and all , still , black box, yellow page , wing , yellow says brown left , glass house ,   sky high , one and all 2 , in situ , ...9,10,11... , orange moods , daybreak , in dorso , free flight , morning light , wave ripple , twelve noon , bright white , skylark , in margine , red left white right , sky diver , four lines , balance , jacob's ladder , yellow shack , yellow to selmon , sky flight , totem , left/right, this way up , black light , after midnight ,  orange moods 2 , calendar ,  left/right, this way up 2
When I started my blog, I decided to give my work titles, as well as my blog. Mostly the title refers to something I've thought about during the process of creating, sometimes it has to do with the painting itself or the composition and if I don't know it.....I wait and  then search for  a good association. And if I really don't'
know, well ...then it's out of the blue!

And what about you? Do your "children" have a name?

Joanne Mattera already made a nice post about this item. You can read it here

8 opmerkingen:

Jo Murray zei

I always relate your work to your titles and yes, I give mine names in much the same way. They speak to me and give me clue.

Sharon zei

'You lookin' at me?' Wonderful Random Grid, Eric.

And to answer your question: Yes, I always title my work. Much the way that you do. Always have, always will. If you think about it (almost) all work has a titled. I know that what we do is visual and really does not need to rely on a verbal title, BUT I'm never amused by 'Untitled #7,351'. It always seems 'cold', like something done for cataloging purposes only. I'm always intrigued when an artist choses some kind of title that 'opens' the work just a bit more.

Leslie Avon Miller zei

I have enjoyed your titles very much Eric. Sometimes I can see exactly how they apply to a particular piece. I tend to give my children titles, or names. Its part of the relationship!

Missouri Bend Paper Works zei

Love seeing the collection of these pieces together! Yes, the naming is very important....usually the piece tells me exactly what it's name is during the process of making it....and when I've finished and don't know it's name, I'm quite confounded!

layers zei

interesting topic.. titles of the art piece.. I usually have my bigger concept and theme.. and come up the the individual titles after the work is completed.. I have always enjoyed seeing the titles of your work.

SIGrid zei

I usually give my paintings names.
These titles fly to me.
And I think it's good to have a title.


Thanks for all the comments.
Glad you liked it.
Sharon, just for fun I googled "Untitled #7,351". Well, it really exist!

Sharon zei

Eric, just seeing your comment now. Thanks for the laugh...It was a random choice for an 'untitled' title on my part, but I am seriously not surprised!

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