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woensdag 6 juli 2011

Cy Twombly 1928 - 2011

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Leslie Avon Miller zei

What an interesting artist he was. He learned penmanship as did I, and elevated it to the level of abstract and non objective art. Experimenter, pioneer, scribbler extraordinaire, he was an artist who did it his way, and ignored the critics.

Although I feel sadness that his life has ended, I celebrate his captivating body of work and his long career.

Thanks Eric, for the compilation of him with his work.

MrCachet zei

I'm here via Seth - and The Pulse. It's so unusual to find another guy doing this type of art, and I'm happy to say I'm glad I stopped by! Rest assured I'll be back!

ArtPropelled zei

An amazing photo mosaic!Thanks Eric.

Seth zei

A big loss to the art world. Great to see this mosaic in his honor.


A great artist is gone.
I love his roses.

Jo Murray zei

Thank you for the 'homage' to Cy Twombly. A great artist.

layers zei

Cy Twombly- one of my favorites- the effortless scribbles becoming great art-- wonderful artist who is now with many other great artist in art heaven.

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