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zondag 1 mei 2011

Three Give Away's

About nine months ago I started this blog. and today is the 200th post. I wanna thank you all for the nice comments and feedback I  received. So, time for some give away's.
For "The Week As Art" on Create Mixed Media  I visualized the first week of May in seven numbers.
Three of them are a give away (each mixed media on paper, 12,5x12,5 cm). Just leave an original comment on this post and your three most favorite numbers before Sunday, the 8th. The three most original comments are the winners.
On Sunday, May 8, I will publish them.

14 opmerkingen:

r.bohnenkamp zei

First: I congratulate you on your 200th Post!
Secondly: your little works are wonderful as always!
Third: great idea with your giveaways!
Fourth: I can not decide which is the most beautiful
Fifth: I would like to have one :-)
Sixthly: I'm a fan of the first hour!
Seventh: O.K. I've made my decision: the Seventh works :-)

much continued success with your blog and wish you all the best, Ralf

Connie Rose zei

They're all favorites, Eric, although I've been resonating with odd numbers a lot lately. Congrats on your 200th post, in such a short period of time. Reminds me of my first year of blogging, when I posted nearly every day!
All your work is superlative, I'm so glad to have found your blog just recently. Thanks for the continual inspiration!

Kelly Marszycki zei

Bravo for your 200th posting! Here's to the next 200? Wonderful graphic effect with the numbers -- cool idea to have a giveaway, too!

Jo Murray zei

This is 1 post I have 2 comment on be4 any longer. Am at 6s and 7s about choosing a number. There must be 3 that I prefer above the others. Looks like the only one left is 5, so I guess that must be my first choice, or 1, or 7. I love them all but odd numbers are lucky.
Congrats on your 200th post!!!!

Sharon zei

Eric, 200 posts!!! Cheers! And thank you for sharing so many of your wonderful pieces.

Now, #1,...#3,...#5. (Gratefully you only went up to #7. I am mathematically challenged.) Wow - did you notice #8 sneaking in??? Even when you add giant numbers to your work, you still create a very lyrical mood. Not an easy thing!

Karen Stiehl Osborn zei


seven works of art
each one unique, hard to choose
but i choose this one

The Artist Within Us zei

Greetings Eric,

Congratulations on having reached a milestone of 200. I myself after more than a year have not even come close to 100.

I have kept a close eye as I felt your work is very interesting, as well as offering inspiration.

All pieces you are presenting here are exceptional and I am very partial to typography being used in art.

My two favorite are #2 and #3. The reason for #2 is that my birthday is on the 25th of the month, #3 because I like the number sequence that is followed by !, including that it has the extra 4 and 5 just above. I guess #3 is my favorite.

Warmest regards,

The Artist Within Us zei

PS: I failed to note that I love the mathematical papers you used, which I did not see when I looked at them on the blog, but once enlarged, they reveled their beauty. -E



layers zei

1 girl walked up 2 hills to find 3 trees with 4 horses nearby eating 5 bales of hay with 6 carrots on top along with 7 clouds in the sky- okay I can't write :-) but I do love number 7.

Seth zei

Congrats Eric on 200 posts. That is quite an accomplishment in such a short time. Congrats also on being featured on Create Mixed Media. As far as my 3 favorite pieces and writing an original comment...I ONEder what TWO write FOUR you? :-)

Annie zei

Please could my name go into the hat for the giveaway?

It's a tough choice as these make such a great set. But if I had to choose, it would be 2,3,4. The slightly askew bands fit with my odd view of the world and I love the sense of movement that reminds me of rides through cities in fast rattling trains with odd glimpses of signs and fences outside. 3 has an exclamation as well -the only one in the series. So 3 would have to be my top choice.

Four Seasons in a Life zei

I have been so drawn to these and I have to admit that I just noticed that the drawing is based upon an the most original response and not drawing a name out of a hat or random number.

I guess I was blinded by their beauty.

ArtPropelled zei

I'm so disappointed I missed this giveaway. Beautiful pieces Eric!

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