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woensdag 23 maart 2011

inside the painter's studio

As guest blogger on "artpropelled" Lynne Perrella wrote a beautiful review on the Joe Fig exhibition in The Massachusetts College of Art & Design.(“Inside the Painter’s Studio", Stephen D. Paine Gallery).
By just leaving a comment on the end of the post, and holding thumbs " Lynne will be giving away a copy of 'Inside The Painter's Studio' plus a little "something" extra to one lucky reader whose name is drawn from the hat on the 8th March".
This was my comment on the review and my visit to Joe Fig's website: "Joe Fig is a miracle man. He´s holding a mirror to us. They´re all special. The floor of Alexis Rockman is a painting itself.The installation of Fred Tomason´s studio looked like an installation of an early Rauschenberg....."
It turned out that I was the lucky winner and today I received this generous prize. Thank you so much, Lynne!
The book is created by the artist Joe Fig and it collects twenty-four remarkable interviews as well as exclusive visual documentation of their studios. It also includes studio dioramas by Fig as well as paintings and prints by the artists he interviewed.Below some photos. 
Don't forget to visit Lynne's website with her beautiful work at,Robyn Gordon's site:, which is always very inspiring and Joe Fig's site to see more of his "miracle" work:

9 opmerkingen:

Seth zei

Congratulations on the win. I have a copy of this book and love it. His creations are amazing.

ArtPropelled zei

Looking at your photos of the book I can see it is even better than I imagined. So glad you are enjoying it Eric.

Liz Hager zei

Joe's work is amazing. Your readers might be interested in the review we did at Venetian Red of "Inside the Painter's Studio." Joe logged in with an interesting comment. See Inside the Painter's Studio

MrCachet zei

WOW! And I thought MY studio looke3d good... ;o)

Jo Murray zei

I remember this post. Loved it then and love it now.

Sharmon Davidson zei

Wow, it looks fantastic; thanks for sharing.

Liz Davidson / Artist Notebook zei

Thanks Eric, another book to add to my list, this looks amazing, love studio visits.

Jennifer Conway zei

This is what one creative force creates while it is creating something else forceful. This is a wonderful energy. It's what makes life life in my opinion. I love this. *smiles* Norma

Holly Dean zei

A fabulous book and fabulous art. Thank you, for sharing, Eric!

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