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vrijdag 13 augustus 2010

spread out

6 opmerkingen:

Sophie Munns zei

Hello there,
love your 'brown and blue' ones from July 30th very mch...fabulous name and header for your blog....

Jo Reimer zei

I found your lovely blog through Donna Watson's post this morning. I like your work very much and have subscribed to your blog.

cerulean zei

Sophie and Jo, thank you for the nice comments and welcome to my blog.

Stephanie Hoff Clayton zei

wonderful texture and use of cerulean in your work. i found your blog through martha marshall's post at

Seth zei

I also found you through Donna's blog. I love the colors and composition of this piece. It draws my eye to the edges and to the center at the same time.

cerulean zei

Stephanie and Seth, thank you too.

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