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Sunday, August 16, 2015

drawing challenge 173 - image

   left to right: - doubt and certainty - questions - answers -


   To see more image(s) (from pandoras box:), please visit Nadine's site here


Sue Marrazzo Fine Art said...

These are very simple and very appealing!!!!!!

nadine paduart said...

hihi... i like this. i love the titles you give your work, adding to the effect of being shown together. i like the hesitation. n♥

Carole Reid said...

Hi Eric. Again your images say more than words and draw me in to take a closer look.

Stefanie Seltner said...

love the titles! x Stef.

Unknown said...

I always wonder when I view your work, what you think/feel before you make them and as you are making them, and after you make them. These are strong and yes, the titles add, yet still we must look and think and feel your art. N, x

Patrice A. said...

oh yes!
questions (a lot)
and answers (a few)
i like the black and white stripes
it's good to be back
and visit you all

Tammie Lee said...

they are creative titles
for me they are hinting at trees and bark
but your titles have me considering them differently

Unknown said...

the titles are brilliant! and also the images!

Jo Headington said...

Naming your work with a title - those titles in particular, which inspire so many questions, is a great way to add another dimension to the work.
I always have great difficulty with titles.
And yet some artists are so great with them! Like great writers who can think of just the right names for their characters...
Thanks for your comments eric - I too am grateful for the internet and all the artists I have discovered and learnt more about through it!

Unknown said...

Like your images in a row like a continues row
barbara bee

Sharmon Davidson said...

I like all three of these images, Eric! Though at first glance very minimal, when one looks closely, each is far more subtle and complex than they first appear.

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