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Saturday, April 25, 2015

dc 165: coat

Reflecting on the theme of this weeks drawing challenge,
"the coat", the kimono passed my mind.

I've used one of the images of  dc 159  as starting point for a
kimono design.

And found on the web this painters coat here

And also this: "coat" poem by Yeats.

A Coat
William Butler Yeats, 1916

I made my song a coat
covered in embroideries
out of old mythologies
from heel to throat;
but the fools caught it,
wore it in the world’s eyes
as though they’d wrought it.
Song, let them take it,
for there’s more enterprise
in walking naked.

To see more coats please visit Patrice her site here


Veronica Roth said...

Oh, that's lovely Eric. It reminds me of a kimono. Love the geometry and the red tones. Also love the painter's coat. I want one!!! I often put my hair up with my paintbrushes...because I can never find a ponytail holder when I need one, and then forget about it and walk out in public with a hairbrush sticking out of my twisted hair. With a painter's coat at least I would look more authentic! :D

renilde said...

imagine these kimono designs carried out in silk, i would love to wear them, on lazy summernights sipping a glass of champagne...
reading Yeats would fit in too :)
fine post Eric, xx

Tammie Lee said...

these are striking

Jo Murray said...

You nailed it Eric.

Stefanie Seltner said...

the first images make me thinking of Jesus
x Stefanie

Patrice A. said...

me too!!
would love to wear this kimono!!
especially the second one ;^))

thanks for joining
what a fine, fine post this is


Carole Reid said...

Eric, viewing the first coat I thought of African fabric and second the kimono. With the third image my question was "Does anyone really hang up their painting coat as neatly as this after a painting session?"

♥ tinyWOOLF ♥ said...

what a beautiful, delightful entry here... your train of thoughts is making me smile.
also i smiled ear to ear with your comment on the first coat ever being a leaf. hihihi. n♥

CERULEAN said...

Carole@:Just on the web:)

annton beate Schmidt said...

your work, I am always so taken by it. your kimonos look like skin; soft, strong and tender. I like that a lot. and for the painter's coat, you should see the apron I am wearing in the studio. putting it on, all covered in paint, it makes me feel like a real painter ;-)

Ariane Reichardt said...

Your coat make me think of relic, dear Eric. Yeats poem like a chant.

Seth said...

Love these!

Lucia Henke said...

I think your coats come from a bygone era. I love that.

Viola said...

An artistic coat, so exciting! And I had to smile when reading the poem :)

Fiona Wilson said...

Thank you for sharing such a lovely poem. So apt for your work. Love the painters coat too - males me want my own..

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