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maandag 1 april 2013


Giveaway: just give the right answers in the comment form and you can win the piece shown on the photo.
The one with the best answers is the winner. Who, what, where, when and why:)
The winner will be announced on Sunday  the 7th.

6 opmerkingen:

Leslie Avon Miller zei

Your work is looking good in the city Eric.

Gina zei

no standing
anytime downtown
New York
at twenty-to-four
on a late summers day
he rushes home to change
into jeans and a tee shirt
to be back in time for the movie

:) ... fun ! >>> Gina


Comment from Sigrid Boehmer:

hula-la zei

Who: Dan, the Man who just got promoted.
What: On a mission with engagement ring in fancy blue Tiffany box tucked safely inside his jacket pocket.
Where: Times Square, Baby!
When: Friday @ quitting time!YAY!
Why: Date Night...Promotion, Ring, Proposal! Yes, a man with a mission! Hope she says, YES!

Cathy Missaghi zei

your work
new york
you have a show....your work is beautiful!

Jo Murray zei

It's YOU and 'Blue Fool', in Times Square at 20 mins before 4 o'clock, because you deserve it. Well done!

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