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maandag 28 mei 2012

zondag 10 juni - 22 juli 2012

Eric Adama; schilderijen

Francis Bouhuisen; beelden
Galerie Jenne Renes  
donderdag, vrijdag en zondag van 13.00 - 17.30 en op afspraak

Richard Wagnerlaan 13533 GC, Utrecht  T. 030-294 34 86

press release

Eric Adama opens a visual book, page by page he is exploring a subject into continuing changing compositions, fabricating paper by building and painting, cutting, rubbing and scraping until the essentials of the apparently unpretentious.

His visual associations and metaphors resonate with human life and the elements of earth, air and sky, sand and sea. Sometimes his paintings reflect tracks on walls and houses which in their secret enclosures suggest stories in disguise. On others you may discover the individual human being, celebrating his impartial position of freedom.

In his striving for restriction to what is essential and in the omission of inessential links, you may detect a touch of primitivism that coincides with striking refinement, perceptible in  balanced compositions and a selective choice of colours.

His deliberate choice for the small size makes it possible to show a rich variety of ideas. The titles of his work refer to his lust for freedom, reliving memories and reviving human tracks from the anonymity. 

Eric Adama completed his study at the Academy of Art in Utrecht. His work has already frequently been shown in leading galleries and art institutions and has been registered in various private and public art collections.

Besides, he is employed as a tutor / teacher at an art studio for outsider art. Since 2010 he has a frequently updated online journal:

4 opmerkingen:

Seth zei

Congratulations Eric. This looks to be a fantastic exhibition and I wish I could see it in person.

Sharon zei

Wonderful! I totally enjoy viewing the WORLD you create. It is immense, lyrical and deep. Thank you so much for sharing this here, Eric. And Best of Best Wishes!

Sigrid zei

I wish you many good conversations and
interested visitors to your exhibition.
Alles Gute Eric.


Thank you for the good wishes!

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